Calm Before The Storm 1

The Calm Before The Storm

Sounds like we’re going to be having a lot of wild weather next week.  I was hoping to pop to the plot to secure things down, but I’ve not managed to get down this weekend.  It’s been a bit on the warm side these past few days, but there’s been lots of lovely golden light on the allotment :D

Calm Before The Storm

It’s so hard to just walk past. I’m always fighting the urge to go and take some time out of the busy week.  Not looking forward to the aftermath of the bad weather…  Hopefully there won’t be too much damage. :O

Keep safe everyone :)

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

4 perfect pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins

This year we’ve got 5 pumpkins to choose from! I feel very lucky :) We bought our pumpkin plants from a local allotment open day.  50p each! What a bargain :) I’m so chuffed with them and look forward to carving and finding delicious recipes.  Pumpkin pie is on the cards… do you have any suggestions?

Box of Pumpkins Perfect Pumpkin Plump pumpkinsThere’s one pumpkin left on the plot at the moment, he is deciding to turn orange, so I’m going to leave him there for now.  The rest have hardened up in the sun, and are at home in their crate in the kitchen covered in straw.  We need to get a little shed to store our harvested produce!

Roll on halllooowwweeen! :D

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

9.5in carrot

Carrot Harvest Success

This weekend we tootled down to the plot to put in some spring cabbage and Kale… we got side tracked! :D It was actually a great and exciting couple of hours harvesting and checking out the produce that we’ve still got growing.

We’ve never really had much luck with carrots.  Last year we put them in too late and didn’t give them much space (they were still tasty though :D) The came out quite thin and bland looking.  This year however…

Carrot Harvest

Mr.B was pottering in the carrot tub, we tried to gauge how well they were doing by poking our finger down the side of the carrot.   They seemed to have lovely orange tops to them.  We’d planned a dinner with the family on Sunday, a home grown carrot would be great to use… then out came the first carrot…

9.5in carrot

Perfectly formed, earthy, sweet and a whopping 9.5 inches! :D Super excited I shouted over to our lottie friends who were having a good old chin wag!  They all gathered around to admire the magnificent carrot :)

Allotment Firends admiring the carrot

They were so impressed.  ‘You could show carrots like that!’ :) what a compliment.  Needless to say we are so pleased with it I’d have love to of taken it to a show!

Mr & Mrs B with their prize winning carrot

I wanted to check all of them, so we decided to pull another out to see and that one came in at just under 9 inches! :)

Carrot Family

Nothing beats the fresh earthy smells.  Harvest time is always exciting, whether it be a carrot, potato or parsnip :)

Earthy sweet carrots

We used Thompson & Morgan’s ‘Flyaway F1′ variety this year, in a fine compost called Growmore, we get from the shed on the lottie. We gave them plenty of room to grow and watered them well in the hotter summer months (plus a bit of singing to them – only joking hehe!).  I couldn’t believe they turned out how the looked on the packet!  I’m looking forward to a frost now, not that they need anything to improve the taste.  They were sweet, crunchy and delicious! :D

Lottie Land girl & her veg

I’m a very happy Lottie Land Girl xx

Lots of leaves

Autumn Winds

Phew, well it’s been a bit of a blustery morning.  Dots of yellow leaves all over the pavements… I didn’t manage to get to the allotment this weekend but I did have a hour in the front garden, tidying the leaves (a never ending task – it looks as though I’ve not done a thing now! :D) and moving my potted plants to the back garden.

Autumn TidyIt’s got my mind wurring about what I could do with the front garden for next year.  I’d love to grow some salads, peas and flowers, leaving the bigger crops like the brassicas and potatoes on the lottie.  We don’t have a gate or fence around the garden so people could easily pop over the wall and nab my peas, but I think they will look nice in the front. It gets very warm in the summer afternoons so I’ll have to be vigilant with watering :)

Do you grow veg in your front gardens? Have you got any suggestions?… I’ll draw up a plan when I have a second, it’s not huge by any standards but it will be a good space to grow crops in pots :)

Atutumn tidy all finishedBest go and check how my sunflowers have faired in this weather later… After the big Bertha weather in August I’ll be surprised if they are still standing :O I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

Juicy Pumpkins

Falling In Love Again

It’s been a while since I’ve been down on the plot.  I’m not sure why, I suppose if I’m being honest with you, I’ve felt like I’d lost my mojo a little bit.  It was so busy on the build up to the Allotment Open Day early this month, I just needed to rest.  I did rather over do it the day before getting the plot spick and span.  I managed to pull the muscles in my left shoulder and near my ribs (owchie!).  And it’s not felt the same since we lost our friend Tony.  He’d be giving me real grief now and saying to me ‘Get on with it! What’s the matter with you?!’.

With that in mind, after walking passed the allotment today and seeing some of my friends over the fence, I went down tonight before it went dark for a little tour…

Juicy Pumpkins
Lots of juicy pumpkins thriving in pumpkin patches.
Rivers of nasturtiums still looking fresh around the plot :)
Plot Watch
Plot watch… Moggie patrol reporting for duty :D Meow!
Red Apples
Delicious red apples :)

Our plot is still growing well.  You wouldn’t think autumn was upon us.  The wild flower patch is still going strong.  I’ve got lots of seeds to save and sow ready for a beautiful explosion of flowers for next year :)

Snail House
Hmmm… I’m pretty sure this is the wrong kind of bug… :)

Lottie Plot 21a Ta-dar!!! I present three lovely pumpkins we’ve nurtured this summer and now we look forward to pumpkin soup, roasted veg medley and halloween carving :) I’m very proud of them :) and double bonus we’ve got a couple left on the vines which haven’t quite ripened yet… :DTriple Pumpkin harvest

The flowers around the plot are still blooming and create lovely splashes of hot autumn colour on the plots…

Hot red autumn colour Pretty Flowers Happy Sun Flower Verbena

To top off a night of wandering around, I saw my friend Michael.  We talked for ages (until it went dark!) about the love of growing vegetables, how much nature amazes us.  He shared some of his produce with me, which was very kind – I’ve got some kale which I’ve never tried before and I’m inspired to grow some next year.  I’ll be pickling a gherkin too, I’d like to try these next year as well :) Michael is so passionate about growing on his plot and life in general.  I came away feeling as though he has shifted the cloud that was hanging over me.  He’s reminded me of how much I love the plot and everything about it.  I thank him for that :)

Beetroot Harvest Brassicas Cale Neighbours Sweetcorn

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx


What A Day!

Open day in the telegraph
My friend Liz who helped to organise the open day, got our event printed in the Telegraph! Ace :D

I have to admit I’m still buzzing from this weekend’s Open Day at our allotment.  It was such a great day :) Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and the sun was shining down on us.  Everyone was rallying round setting up in the morning, ready for show time at 1pm :D

Tables full of delicious produce to sell…

Produce2 Produce3 Produce1 Produce feature image Delicious Berries

Homemade jams, chutneys, and olive oil…

Jams chutneys olivoil

The most amazing smelling (and tasty) cakes, I had to take pictures and run incase I ate them all :O


I helped my friends with their stall.  They had made an amazing selection of quirky signs for your garden, as well as little bird seed feeders. I helped to sell our debut allotment calendar that I was asked to organise.  We had such a laugh.

Liz and Verity Garden Signs Bird Seed Feeders

Mr.B was busy selling stock from the shed with his friend Steve… compost, fertilisers, slug pellets etc.

Mr.B on his stall

I got to see so many of my friends and family.  It was so great to show everyone around our site and the hard work we’ve done on our plot.  Chatting about our veggies and what the plans are for next year.

Lottie land girl and her mum
Me and my lovely Mum :)
Our Plot nice and tidy
After 4 hours straight on the lottie on Saturday, I present a (virtually) weed free plot :D

We even had a celebrity… our very own Luis from the Great British Bake Off :) It was great to see people crowding round him, thumbscrews on, trying to get out of him who’s going to win… He wasn’t telling :) He even made his ‘Tropical Manchester Tart’ that we raffled off.

Luis and his tart
My celebrity friend Luis the beekeeper, Bake Off buddy! :)
Me and my friend luis
Celebrity spotting :D I can add this picture to my famous people folder :D

Tropical Manchester Tart

It truly was a happy, sunny, fun afternoon.  To finish, we shared a bottle of wine to celebrate such a successful day.

A great team

Jassy came to see us when the crowds had gone… We missed her in the afternoon :)Jassy came to playThe Brown Family

Best get planning for next year’s open day :)

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

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