What A Day!

Open day in the telegraph
My friend Liz who helped to organise the open day, got our event printed in the Telegraph! Ace :D

I have to admit I’m still buzzing from this weekend’s Open Day at our allotment.  It was such a great day :) Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and the sun was shining down on us.  Everyone was rallying round setting up in the morning, ready for show time at 1pm :D

Tables full of delicious produce to sell…

Produce2 Produce3 Produce1 Produce feature image Delicious Berries

Homemade jams, chutneys, and olive oil…

Jams chutneys olivoil

The most amazing smelling (and tasty) cakes, I had to take pictures and run incase I ate them all :O


I helped my friends with their stall.  They had made an amazing selection of quirky signs for your garden, as well as little bird seed feeders. I helped to sell our debut allotment calendar that I was asked to organise.  We had such a laugh.

Liz and Verity Garden Signs Bird Seed Feeders

Mr.B was busy selling stock from the shed with his friend Steve… compost, fertilisers, slug pellets etc.

Mr.B on his stall

I got to see so many of my friends and family.  It was so great to show everyone around our site and the hard work we’ve done on our plot.  Chatting about our veggies and what the plans are for next year.

Lottie land girl and her mum
Me and my lovely Mum :)
Our Plot nice and tidy
After 4 hours straight on the lottie on Saturday, I present a (virtually) weed free plot :D

We even had a celebrity… our very own Luis from the Great British Bake Off :) It was great to see people crowding round him, thumbscrews on, trying to get out of him who’s going to win… He wasn’t telling :) He even made his ‘Tropical Manchester Tart’ that we raffled off.

Luis and his tart
My celebrity friend Luis the beekeeper, Bake Off buddy! :)
Me and my friend luis
Celebrity spotting :D I can add this picture to my famous people folder :D

Tropical Manchester Tart

It truly was a happy, sunny, fun afternoon.  To finish, we shared a bottle of wine to celebrate such a successful day.

A great team

Jassy came to see us when the crowds had gone… We missed her in the afternoon :)Jassy came to playThe Brown Family

Best get planning for next year’s open day :)

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

Autumn Colour around the allotment12

Autumn Delights

Walking by the allotment, I’ve noticed the change in the colours, the autumn delights growing in the hedgerows… Raspberries, rose hips and luscious red berries.

Autumn Colour around the allotment1 Autumn Colour around the allotment2 Autumn Colour around the allotment3 Autumn Colour around the allotment4

Autumn Colour around the allotment5
Jassy loves the allotment and always wants to go in for a sniff around :)

I can’t wait for autumn to be in full swing.  It feels as though it’s turning a lot earlier this year.  I can’t wait to go for walks, kicking the leaves as I go, admiring the turning colours of the triumphant trees.

Bring it on, foraging heaven :) it’s my favourite season!

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

From Tony's Plot

If Friends Were Flowers I’d Pick You

This post is quite personal and I just wanted to explain why I’ve not been as active as I usually would be on my social media sites etc. Last week we got some very sad news that a friend of ours from the allotment, had passed away suddenly. Tony on his plotOur friend’s name was Tony, and boy did we have a good laugh :) Tony got his plot not long after we got ours and we’ve had a couple of years sharing ideas, chatting, shouting over ‘get on with some digging!’ the banter got us through the weeding!  He loved talking about his family and the time he spent with them.  We had a running joke that he was always on holiday from work.From Tony's PlotAfter we’d found out, me and Stew took a yellow rose (yellow means friendship) to his plot with a note on it.  It has been a big shock to all of us at the allotment, and most of all we are so terribly sorry for the loss of Tony and are thinking of his family.

If Firends were flowers I'd pick you

The reason I’ve called this post ‘If Friends Were Flowers I’d Pick You’ is because he bought me and Stew a sign to put on our plot that said this.  He really was a lovely man and we will all miss him very much, Tony was a great friend.

Kaz xx

Happy Birthday Lottie Land Girl Blog!

Ok I’m a day late so it’s a bit of a belated happy birthday :) I can’t honestly believe it’s been a year since I did my first ever blog for Lottie Land Girl.  I just wanted to thank you all for following my journey with Mr B & Jassy, for your lovely comments and sharing ideas.

Happy Birthday LLG

The world of ‘grow your own’ has opened up so many opportunities for me, it’s changed my life.  I’ve met lovely people in person and virtually.

So thanks everyone for a great time! Here’s to many more years :D

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

Issue 3 2014

Lottie Land Girl In Print!

Happy Monday everyone :D I’ve had a great surprise this afternoon.  Me and Jassy went to check on the lottie after Bertha tore through the UK this weekend, thankfully I’ve still got my remaining 4 out of 6 sunflowers…

Issue 3 2014I picked up the latest copy of the Allotment & Leisure Gardener from under the shelter… My so chuffed my article and my winning competition picture has been printed too :)

Lottie Land Girl Article Lottie Land Girl Little Lady pictureA great start to the week! I’m one happy Lottie Land Girl :) xx

Pollen bottom feature

The Wonders Of The Globe Artichoke

Artichokes I’m in love… with globe artichokes! :) Each time I’ve been down to the plot in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been distracted by the beautiful lilac colours of a flowering artichoke, on a neighbours plot.  Standing tall, they look like giant thistles from a distance (they are from the thistle family), but up close they are alive with bee activity…

Artickoke Bee Bottoms

On one of my visits to this pretty flower I saw a tree bumble bee, a honey bee, a white tailed bumble bee and a red tailed bumble bee! All of them busy minding their own business, with their fluffy bottoms sticking up in the air,  foraging on this magnificent flower.  They remind me of sea anemones, they looked like they were swimming through the lilac tentacles… :)

Honey Bee on and Artichoke I'm coming in!Pollen bottom feature Bottoms up Covered in pollen Getting stuck in

I don’t think I can pass an opportunity to have these on the plot next year.  Not only are they striking to look at, they look fab when they’re in flower and maybe I could even try one (I’ve never tasted artichoke before).  The bees love them and I want to be able to sit for a while and watch them, a pretty distraction :)

I’m completely buzzy about bees! :D

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

Happy Nation Allotment Week2

Happy National Allotment Week

Happy Nation Allotment Week6

There’s still time to wish you all a Happy National Allotment Week :) I’ve not spent much time on the plot but I have walked passed and admired the site, looking full of life with happy flowers and bumper crops :) A happy place indeed!

Happy Nation Allotment Week3 Happy Nation Allotment Week Happy Nation Allotment Week1 Happy Nation Allotment Week2 Happy Nation Allotment Week4 Happy Nation Allotment Week5

Hope you’ve all had a great week on your plots .  What do you love the most about your plots? :D

Lottie Land Girl Kaz xx

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