Quirky Potting Sheds & Beautiful Blooms

I recently went to the Makers Market in Cheadle to help my friend Nicky with her Pollyanna Paws stand.  Having spent most of my childhood playing around Cheadle with my Granny and Grandad, it was pretty amazing to see the village green transformed into an artisan market.  It was full of delicious foods, stunning gift stalls, a dog show for handsome/pretty pooches… and this…

  Ox eye-Daisy Cheadle

Que heavenly music… aaaaarrrrrrhhhh! 🙂 This absolutely gorgeous potting shed belongs to Louise from Ox Eye Daisy.  Shabby chic, vintage, country gardens, and loveliness are just some of the words that sprung to mind when I saw this delightful little shed (I had potting shed envy by this point…) Skipping merrily over to Louise, I was fit to burst with excitement at all the lovely displays of flowers… in baskets, wrapped in hessian finished off with a ribbon, so classy and inviting.  I had a great chat with Louise about her blooms and where she goes with her shed on a trailer… visiting the markets in Altrincham, Manchester and obviously Cheadle.

Ox eye Daisy Triple1

With so many tempting things to buy, I chose 5 plants that I could put on the lottie (Stew’s wellies in particular) and others to add to my flower patch.  With so much choice it was a tough decision to pick my favourites… I could have taken all of them 😀 This would make a lovely pressie for someone (or a pressie to myself 🙂 hehe…)

Ox eye-Daisy

Ox eye Daisy Triple

Louise mentioned that they had just finished another larger shed with a little porch that they had finished the day before.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I went past another familiar and beautiful potting shed in Manchester… What a nice place to sit and have a cup of tea 😀

Ox eye Daisy In Manchester

I really hope you like Ox Eye Daisy as much as I do.  You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and here’s a link to their website.  Check them out 🙂

And the finished product… here’s Stew’s wellies looking happy and yellow on our lottie plot 21a 😀

Stew's wellies with happy yellow flowers

Until next time… 🙂

Lottie Land Girl Kaz 🙂 xx

4 thoughts on “Quirky Potting Sheds & Beautiful Blooms

  1. Hi, I love these beautiful sheds that you saw – we have inherited a very shabby but wonderful shed on our new allotment plot a few months ago and now that we’ve rescued it from the brambles, ivy and bindweed, I’m thinking lick of blue paint might be just the thing for it… thanks for sharing the inspiration.

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it! I’ve been inspired too, 😀 I’m hoping to get a summer house for the garden soon that I’m going to paint! Then I’ve got my little place where I can plot, plant and pot 🙂 My little place! I’d love to see some pictures when you’ve got yours please share them with me 🙂 xx

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