Make Do & Mend


My new logo for my sewing adventures 🙂

So this this year is going to be a real hands on year, not only on the lottie… I love to learn, and the skill I’m learning soon will be how to use a sewing machine! 🙂 There’s no denying that when I was at school textiles was not my strongest subject – after I put together a very sad looking peach felt starfish with sparkly sequins (oh how I remember it so vividly) I popped my needle and thread back into it’s little box and vowed never to try sewing ever again! My tutor was relieved 😮

After our trip to York last year I came home with a sew your own mouse kit. I wasn’t expecting wonderful things, but thought maybe enough time had passed for me to pick up the needle and thread and have a go at making this little mouse 🙂 Now my skills are pretty terrible and he’s a bit rough round the edges but here he is… Timothy William (inspired by a Beatrix Potter character) 😀

Timmy Willy

I think the random stitches add to his charm! (yes I know they are pretty terrible… It’s been a while!)  It inspired me to make another little mouse for my friend for Christmas. Here’s Matilda.  Timmy was a bit sad to see this little lady go to her new house… 🙂


The inspiration came to try using a sewing machine when we were on holiday in the Lakes just before Christmas. Me and Mr.B had been watching a lot of Kirsty Allsops Homemade Christmas programmes and he turned to me and said ‘I think you should have a go at things like this, it’s right up your alley and you can make me a tweed suit’ Woooowww hold your horses there Mr.B!! you’ve seen my hand stitching… I think we’re quite a way away from tweed suits. Setting the bench mark nice and easy for me…

I’ve got lots of ideas of what I’d like to make.  I’m thinking along the lines of things I could use for the allotment.   I’d like to try making gardening gloves (I go through countless pairs!)  an apron with big pockets so I can put my tools in and collect my produce etc.

I think it will be great to make things for people for pressies especially around Christmas time! 🙂 It’s great having things to look forward too, and my sewing lessons are such a thoughtful birthday pressie from Mr.B!

I’ll keep you posted about how well I get on with my sewing adventures 🙂

One thought on “Make Do & Mend

  1. A little while ago I discovered the joys of Countryside and Grow Your Own magazine courtesy of the local library. I’ve just extended my borrowing to include Crochet and Simply Homemade. There are some great little projects in there, and some great not-so-little projects, although I can always skip a few steps- I usually do! Good luck with the sewing, I love my machine, it’s a pretty old foot pedal control monster but it really helps with the long seams when you start sewing curtains!

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